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Through high-impact and real F-35 flight simulator missions,
The Squadron equips leaders and teams with the tools to achieve organizational
excellence. Enhancing fast-learning and driving concrete business outcomes.

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Our Corporate Workshops

Teamwork & Communication

The Squadron Teamwork Communication workshop creates trust and connectivity through an exhilarating F-35 simulation that transports teams out of their usual work patterns and comfort zones.

This workshop is for every team that is ready to reach new heights together.

Flying an F-35 simulator gives participants the opportunity to collaborate in a thrilling and unpredictable environment. They’ll learn how to collectively define a mission, develop a plan, and align roles for a successful execution. Participants also learn how debriefing builds a team culture of openness, honesty, and shared commitment.

3-hours Half-Day Full-Day
Accelerating Performance

Our Accelerating Performance workshop equips organizations with the skills to outperform their competition and become leaders in their fields.


Focusing on The Squadron’s debrief methodology, this workshop teaches participants how to continually learn, evolve, and excel. Through a series of F-35 flights and debriefings, participants learn how to identify solutions and apply lessons quickly and successfully. Participants discover how debriefing strengthens team and organizational culture, and learn how to immediately incorporate debriefing into their daily routines.

3-hours Half-Day Full-Day
Dynamic Decision Making

Dynamic Decision Making is for every leader who needs to make real-time, business-critical decisions without clear information or in fluid environments.

Through a high-stakes simulated F-35 flight mission, participants discover how to assess risk and opportunity in real time, and redirect their teams as circumstances change. Through debriefing, participants learn to create cultures with space for mistakes, a desire to learn from them, and protocols for applying what’s learned.

Half-Day Full-Day
Planning & Execution

This workshop enables leaders to develop and execute plans in fast- moving, ever-changing environments.

Applying The Squadron Management Cycle, workshop participants learn to construct plans that anticipate change and allow for ambiguity. A fast-moving and ever-changing F-35 simulation teaches participants the agility needed to quickly adapt plans — even mid-execution and without teams losing sight of their goal.

Half-Day Full-Day
Succeeding from Failure

The Squadron’s Succeeding from Failure workshop instills teams with the confidence and resilience to transform today’s challenges and failures into tomorrow’s triumphs.

Our simulated F-35 mission invites participants to take risks, make mistakes, and experience failure. Participants analyze the emotional aspect of failure and its impact on performance. Through debriefing, participants learn to identify the specific causes of a failure and the actions that will prevent it from recurring. They learn to build cultures of openness, transparency, and a shared desire to turn failure into success.

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