Accelerating Performance
Provides opportunity
for growth
Strengthens team
Enables faster application
of lessons learned
Improves organizations

Change that drives results

Create a culture of
continuous improvement
Improve team
learning skills
Achieve better results
in less time
Reduce failures and
process breakdowns

Accelerating Performance Process

  • Team Performance
    Teams are split into small groups of 4-6 people. Each
    team plans and executes a mission in the simulators.
    After the initial attempt, the team meets for debriefing,
    and looks for ways to improve results.
    This program emphasizes all aspects of teamwork, from
    working together, moving forward as a unit, and
    collective improvement.
  • Individual Performance
    In this workshop, your team experiences the debrief methodology, an air force methodology credited with driving excellence in air forces around the world.
    Participants are initially briefed on how to fly the F-35 and receive their mission. When their mission is complete, they come to the debriefing room, where they are equipped with the tools they need to significantly improve results in their second flight.
    Upon completing their second flight, your team measures improvement between the first and second attempt.

Creating a
Sustainable Process

There are six steps to our management process, beginning with defining the
mission to implementing lessons learned from the process and applying it to
new future missions. This process embeds a culture of continuous
improvement within the organization.


We begin by focusing on the mission and its goals. To be successful, a mission must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and have defined time frame.


This phase of the workshop includes research, examining alternatives, training, performing different models, and preparing a contingency plan. We focus on methods and tools for optimal planning.


The final step before execution, it explains the rational behind the planning and presents highlights for execution


The plan is put in motion. Debriefing is done at short intervals to allow for correction.


Performed during and immediately following execution, it is a future-oriented process that relies on insights gained from past experience to prepare for future experiences.


Considered the most difficult stage, it involves developing routines and work processes that integrates the lessons learned from the debrief into daily and weekly work activities.


Workshop structure

From the Cockpit to Your Organization. We shift the focus from the flight simulator
experience to real-world applications based on lessons learned in the cockpit.

Practical Application

Using a case study, situation, or challenge that you are currently facing, we analyze the situation and apply the methodology used in the simulators to your situation.

<span>Practical</span> Application
<span>Cultivating a Climate</span><br />
and Culture

Cultivating a Climate
and Culture

The workshop focuses on cultural excellence within organizations
and teams, exploring those cultural elements that make one
organization great. Teams learn which elements relating to culture
are needed to strengthen positive cultures and prioritize those
issues that need improving.

From the Cockpit
to Your Organization

We take the lessons learned in the flight simulator
and transfer them into real-world applications.

team making plans
leadership lesson with screens

Program Options


All participants are at The Squadron.


Group includes in-person and remote participants. Remote participants use video conferencing to participate in sessions and online simulators to fly planes.


All participants are online, using video conference and online flight simulators

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