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    Flying High Over New York City

    The Squadron Team

    Adrenaline is high as Craig pilots his F-35 1,200 feet above the desert floor. The mission is well underway when ominous black clouds appear on the horizon. Flying at over 800 MPH, his plane is quickly engulfed in darkness, with intermittent flashes of lightning illuminating the cockpit. Stymied, Craig has no choice but to return to base.

    Craig, however, isn’t a fighter pilot. He’s the CEO of a large firm in Manhattan. Together with his team, Craig is participating in employee training on an F-35 simulator to help his team adapt to unexpected changes in their operating environment.

    The Squadron’s first North American center of excellence is set to open on September 20. This experiential corporate training facility adapts the methodology of the Israeli Air Force to the business world, transforming ordinary training sessions into memorable, repeatable lessons.

    In a business environment marked by unexpected change, from supply chain challenges to talent shortages, changing employee expectations, and social change, The Squadron provides the skill set to navigate these times.

    The Squadron equips participants with the skills they need to build relationships, improve communications, and adapt to changes that are critical to any dynamic enterprise. Participants set goals, apply data to decision making, and communicate clearly with one another. The missions push them to act with agility and objectively assess the outcomes of their actions.

    Through the Squadron’s programs, leaders and their teams develop the habits and behaviors to drive personal and team excellence.

    The Largest F-35 Flight Simulator Available

    The Squadron’s training experience is the largest facility of its kind outside the military. Complete with 18 F-35 flight simulators, six briefing rooms, and a team of former Israeli and US Air Force pilots, this corporate training program is unlike any other. It contains the most advanced VR/XR simulators available on the market today for a fully immersive experience.

    Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan in WTC #7, corporate teams are briefed on their mission by pilots who have experienced both the pressures of military flight and the board room. Like pilots, program participants begin each mission in the briefing room. They learn how to define a mission, prepare a plan, and assign roles. Participants move to the cockpit of their F-35 and execute their program for a powerful, unpredictable experience.

    When the mission ends, all simulator pilots head to the debriefing room, where they analyze mission results, identify weaknesses in their plan or its execution, and write out lessons learned. From there, it’s back into the cockpit to put their updated approach into action.

    The facility is capable of training up to 200 participants a day. Each group works with experienced pilots for a unique process-based experience that draws from the culture and methodologies of one of the world’s most celebrated fighting forces.

    Types of Programs

    The Squadron developed its training program in Israel, where its pilots led over 5,000 training sessions over the past four years. Google, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft are just three of the over 800 companies that have participated, developing employees capable of facing the business environment head-on with agility, adaptability, and comfort with ambiguity.

    Programs range from 3-hour team building sessions to advanced, 5-day sessions designed to develop sustained business excellence. Each program is designed to deliver tangible business outcomes, and each program can be tailored to meet individual business goals.

    Debriefing as a tool for continuous improvement features prominently in every program, and participants work closely with air force pilots to complete their mission.

    Programs include:

    • High Performing Teams – Build trust and connectivity by taking teams out of their comfort zone
    • Business Critical Mission – Equips leaders and teams to master their single most significant challenge
    • Collective Success – Equips teams with agility and creativity needed to succeed at multiple business priorities
    • Sustained Business Excellence – Develops habits and behaviors required to sustain organizational and personal excellence


    The Squadron is open from 8-5, Monday through Thursday. It is located on the tenth floor of World Trade Center #7 in Manhattan.
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